New Site Launched

Having had some changes to the hosting forced onto me (that might be my second post) then it made me come back and look at my site and have another think about what I should be doing with it.  So rather than just moving it as it was (last updated 2006!) to the new hosting company then I thought I’d do something new with it.

In the back of my mind has been a wondering about whether to add a blog to try something more dynamic with the site, but I’ve never actually got round to it.  So on the new hosting provider I thought I’d give it a go.  I’ll make not promises about regular updates, or that you may find it interesting, but it will be my ramblings.

I probably ought to apologies for the lack of any real design to the site at the moment.  Currently I’m running the default blog layout since I either needed to get something up and running or put up a holding page.  So it seemed easier to start with something even if it needs more work.

So my list as it stands to do is:
1 – Find a design I like, or come up with one
2 – Add that to the site
3 – See about adding my Tweets to the site to make it more interesting (@johnbiltcliffe) for those that are interested
4 – Come up with some content
5 – Post the content
6 – Repeat from 4!

So time to go and get on with the list I think


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